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Ocean Power Technologies Australasia Pty Ltd is a subsidiary of Ocean Power Technologies Inc (OPT), a leading renewable energy company specialising in cost-effective, technologically-advanced and environmentally-friendly offshore wave power technology.

OPT's PowerBuoy® system extracts the natural energy in ocean waves using the integration of patented technologies in hydrodynamics, electronics, energy conversion and computer control systems.

Because energy levels decrease exponentially with increasing depth below the surface, OPT's PowerBuoy is designed to harvest the ocean's energy where it is at its maximum – at the ocean surface. The PowerBuoy is a “smart” system capable of dynamically responding, or tuning itself, to each wave, thus enabling the harvest of maximum energy. In addition, its robust construction can weather the harshest storms.

The result is a leading edge, ocean-tested, proprietary wave power system which generates reliable, clean, and environmentally-beneficial electricity.


Sea Technology

OPT's Scottish PowerBuoy on Cover of
April, 2011 Issue of Sea Technology

Sea Technology
Magazine featured OPT's utility-scale PB150 PowerBuoy on the front cover of its April 2011 issue. This is the first time utility-scale PB150 has been on a front cover. Sea Technology's goal is to provide their "global audience with current information on the various segments of the worldwide marine/ocean industry through state-of-the-art and application articles, news columns, and staff reports".

Sea Technology has a monthly print circulation of 17,000 and is read worldwide in more than 110 countries. Sea Technology's digital version will be going online in June. Their website receives an average of 410,000 hits per month.